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British Airways change dress code to allow male pilots and cabin crew to wear makeup, nail varnish, and sport piercings

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For the first time, male pilots and cabin crew at British Airways can wear makeup and have piercings.

The move comes as the airline has updated its regulations on dress code to be more inclusive of all staff, The Guardian reported. 

An internal memo seen by the newspaper stated that all employees are now allowed to have piercings and wear “subtle shades” of makeup and nail polish. 

Everyone can also wear false eyelashes and earrings.

In a statement to Insider, a spokesperson for British Airways said: “We are proud of all of our colleagues at British Airways and we are committed to an inclusive working environment.”

“We have worked with our people to create updated guidelines for grooming, beauty, and accessories, allowing our colleagues to bring the best, most authentic version of themselves to work every day.”

The global company currently employs 30,000 people and operates a fleet of 290 planes. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 47 million passengers flew with British Airways in 2019.

British Airways is not the first airline to introduce a more inclusive dress code. In May, Virgin Atlantic lifted its ban on cabin-crew members showing tattoos on their arms and legs. 

In 2019, the airline became the first major, full international airline to drop its requirement for female crew members to wear makeup. The airline also began providing trousers as part of its standard uniform rather than only  upon request, Insider’s Stephen Jones reported. 

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